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It is a piece of metal shaped as a circle, with a head on the front and writing on the back. It is the penny. The smallest unit for money. The currency that is almost abandoned in China. Nonetheless the pennies still exist! Yes, I wasn’t mistaking it. The supermarket clerk just gave back the changes to my father, and few of them were pennies. I snatched the pennies from my father’s hand and examined them carefully. I wasn’t impressed by the materials that the penny is made of nor the design of it. I was just surprised that people still use penny in America.



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I don’t understand why some people can tolerate random people to to mess with their beds. I wouldn’t want anyone to mess with it. I love my bed and I want to keep it as clean as it can be. In the morning the first thing I do when I get up  is to make my bed. At night, the last thing I do before I go to sleep is to dust my comforter, and pad my pillows. I spend so much time on my bed; I read on my bed, watch TV lying on the bed, etc. I’m so close to my bed.


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Mom told me a girl should always have long hair. She has long hair for her whole life, so I did too until I was sixteen. At the age of sixteen, my hair was long enough to reached my hips. My hair is silky smooth and straight. I love it, especially when it’s long. I would never want to cut it if I wasn’t informed that there are people with cancer that lost the hair due to the chemotherapy. My hair was cut to a length above my shoulder a week after I was acknowledged of this fact. I donated my hair and wished it could bring someone some smiles. It did, conformed by the letter I received one month later.


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You were the one who said hi, and you were also the one said bye.

You were the one who gave me your phone number, and you were the one who asked me to delete your phone number.

You were the one who called to have a chat, and you were also the one who hang up on me.

You were the one who comforted me when I was upset, but you were also the one who made me mad.

You were the one who wanted a talk, who turned the back on me and walked away.

My dear friend next time please just don’t start!


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It was silent in the classroom. Even the sound of a pin dropped on the floor can be heard. We lost the girl relay race because of the miscounting. No one wants to talk, not our teacher, not the monitor of the class, and not even the big mouth of our class. I guess we were disappointed. We were supposed to be the best. We have been winning for the four years since the first grade. Everyone was expecting the victory this year as well. It seemed like the small mistake did ruined us, until my teacher raised and said “I’m going to talk to the judge.”


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“She is so lucky, she is the star. She crys crys crys in her lonely heart. Thinking…”  This song seems to tell us about what was Britney really thinking. A seventeen years old girl that tried to live up to everyone else’s expectations. The standard ways of being a perfect super star stressed her out. She wasn’t happy; I wasn’t happy when I had to live up to other people’s expectations all the time. Being a straight “A” student, being perfect all the time, I lost myself to these staandards. Many times I tried to run away from the problem. Someday I will succeed in being myself. They are different actions, but same reactions-we will fight back.


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On the New Year’s Eve of 2002, mom was sent to the hospital’s emergency room by the ambulance. She was diagnosed with serious illness. She was hospitalized for few weeks. The suffers that the illness gave her made her realized that health is the most important thing of life. It was a fresh new beginning for her when she came home from the hospital. Lots changes took place, change of the eating habit, daily routine, etc. She was successful on her revolution. The most recent blood test she had showed everything within the standard. I’m glad she made it; it was a long way to come this far.